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<pre id="p2"> <P>Welcome to</P> <P></P> <P>This site will chronicle my ten year voyage into understanding the human figure.</P> <P>With this site I will try to convey my purpose in such an endeavor. </P> <P>My studies of the human figure began 30 years ago at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. It was here that my love for the human figure began. I loved the ambiance of the life drawing class. Working with many people, sometimes ten or more, all concentrated on trying to understand as they drew. The respect for the model was also something that one immediately felt the first time one went to a session. </P> <P>The college offered sessions in life drawing held in the evenings and open to all students of the college. We even had one fellow come into class on night with a tiny pad and an HB pencil. It was really quite amusing, the instructor immediately recognized he was not a student and asked him to leave. We could all see he was quite embarrassed and left without a sound. </P> <P>So, why this web site? I think partially because I need a way of soliciting feedback from the artistic community and partially as a teaching tool for those interested in the subject.</P> <P> <H2>The Ten Year Goal</H2> <P></P> <P>On January 01, 2004 I set about on my journey to fully understand the human skeleton and muscular system with the goal after ten years of study, to be able to realize the human figure in space with a complete three dimensional understanding. The artists of the Italian Renaissance had gained this understanding through long study, but what is particularly absent from their work is a chronicle of the process to arriving at this understanding. We almost always find the end of this process in the drawings of Michelangelo, Raphael Santo and the like.</P> </pre> <p id="p1"> </p>